Hoop with Care is meant to serve the needs of both children and adults with mental, physical, or emotional disabilities that simply want a fun environment by which to enjoy the game, build self-esteem, get exercise and meet new friends.

  • Adults with Disabilities
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Children with Anxiety / Shyness
  • Weekday/Weekend In-Season Training
  • Vacation Clinics
  • Festivals

‘Hoop with Care’ is an outreach program whereby modifications to the game of basketball are provided so that children with special needs or anxiety and adults with disabilities can enjoy the world’s most popular game on a weekly basis.

The program offers a recreational, leisure approach to the game and one-on-one assistance is available to those who need it. While it does serve children with mental and physical disabilities, the program also welcomes children who don’t have a medically diagnosed condition. Some players are just shy or have anxiety being in a structured youth basketball program.

‘Hoop with Care’ also encompasses a program for adults with disabilities – something that makes it very unique. “A lot of these adults have one form of (weekly) activity and this allows them to have another activity,” said John Teves, director of 'Hoop with Care'. “They get to interact with other adults and they get to play the wonderful game of basketball.”

Our professional coaches and ability-appropriate training plans enhance players both technically and tactically, while ensuring the most important aspect: FUN! Thousands of players have boosted their self-esteem and interacted with their peers from their community thanks to these clinics. Fitness and quality of life increases exponentially on a weekly basis.

Additionally, we have successfully been a part of Special Olympics events, keeping in mind that the primary focus of a successful tournament is to promote the joy and fun of the game and to offer a safe venue for players to express themselves and develop their skills. We believe that the benefits of organized basketball are numerous and it is our mission to provide all players with basketball opportunities.

Micelin Minutmen is a jr. NBA recognized organization.